Technology Enhanced Trainings

We help developers, engineering leaders and business stakeholders to build better software and build software better - through technology enhanced training.

Training is broken. We're fixing it

Training is Broken

Historically, we've ask our teams to trawl through StackOverflow, blogs or cookie-cutter video libraries to find learning materials. Or we've thrown people with different backgrounds, goals, skills and learning styles into the same room and expected a one size fits all approach using generic content and artificial exercises to ensure that they acquire proficiency.

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CTO Summits

We organize the popular international CTO Summit Series. In 2015, there will be six regional summits. We just announced the dates and launched the call for papers. We will also be uploading the agendas for all of the 2014 summits and videos of many of the presentations starting on Tuesday February 24th.

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CTO School

We are forming local CTO schools around the world to help engineering leaders (and developers who want to manage engineering teams) to improve their engineering leadership skills. We are also helping to form CTO clubs for experienced CTOs in cities that don't already have a club.

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CTO Summit Video - Boston 2014

Here is Raffi Krikorian, ex-VP Engineering @Twitter presenting "Every Problem is a Scaling Problem" from the 2014 Boston CTO summit. Learn more about our CTO summits.


To get effective business outcomes, training often needs to be supplemented with upfront consulting and ongoing implementation support. Learn how we can provide comprehensive "QuickStart" solutions.

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