Our Goal

Software is eating the world. We want to help teams to build it better. We primarily do that through technology enhanced training, although we supplement that with consulting and implementation services when required. We also provide a range of resources for engineering managers. Those include the CTO Summit Series and providing support for a range of CTO schools and CTO clubs because building and managing an engineering team is really hard - and really important.

Our Process

At Ronin Labs, we innovate on three levels to provide training that will be an order of magnitude more valuable, effective and relevant than other options:

  • The domain - We offer consulting and implementation services for two reasons. Firstly we find that they help our clients to get the most out of our training. Secondly, we can't teach real world skills unless we're using those skills on real world projects. Our team of world class engineers are continually innovating in the domains that they teach.
  • The curriculum - We continually experiment with new projects, questions, metaphors and examples to continually simplify the process of acquiring the latest technology skills.
  • The platform - We are continually innovating on our training platform to continue to make it easier and more enjoyable for your team to master critical new skills.

Our Team

Peter Bell (Founder and CTO) is an experienced entrepreneur, educator and developer. He is a contract member of the GitHub training team, teaches Digital literacy and Big Data at Columbia Business School, wrote the "Introducing GitHub" book for O'Reilly, created the "Mastering GitHub" course for Code School and created the Git and GitHub LiveLessons video series for Pearson. He has also created curriculum for Thinkful, Onemonth and Neo4j. Previously he ran the engineering team at General Assembly. He also co-founded the original CTO School in New York and is a member of the New York CTO club.

Christie MacKinnon (Operations Manager) is an experienced startup entrepreneur who is passionate about building communities and businesses.

Dave Thomas is an executive advisor to the CTO summit series.

Lucas Nelson co-organized the original New York CTO Summit.

Randy Shoup is the West Coast CTO Summit Program Chair.