Whether you're a CTO, a VPE, a Director of Engineering, an Engineering Manager or a Team Lead, building and managing a dev team is hard. Ronin Labs was founded by Peter Bell who is an ex-CTO, a co-founder of the New York CTO school and member of the NY CTO club.

As part of our mission to help companies to build better software and build software better, we provide a range of free (and some paid) resources for engineering leaders.

All of these resources are strictly limited to engineering leaders. No recruiters, non-technical co-founders or other business stakeholders will be allowed. That said, we’re not hung up on job titles. Some of our best attendees have titles like CEO or VP Product. As long as you can perform a technical code review, know how to submit a pull request and are interested in more effectively hiring, managing and organizing developers, we can’t wait to meet you!

  • If you want to learn from and connect with your peers, check out our popular regional CTO summits to learn how other companies are successfully building and running engineering teams.
  • If you are new to engineering management or want to build or share your skills, check out the network of CTO schools.
  • If you are an experienced CTO, we can introduce you to (or help you to form) an invite only local CTO club.