CTO Schools

CTO school is for technologists who lead dev teams - or would like to. Whether you're just planning a move to team leadership or you've been a CTO for decades, join us in building an international community of engineering leaders.

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If you'd like to help organize a school, please drop us a line.


The first CTO School was proposed by Charlie O'Donnell and organized by Jean Barmash back in 2011. It was a single semester, once a year in New York with experienced engineering leaders sharing their wisdom with their peers and engineers who wanted to become leaders. It was great, but it wasn't enough.

In 2012, Jean was joined by Kurt Schrader, Liz Crawford and Peter Bell to organize a monthly meetup group which as of February 2015 has almost 1700 members and regularly has a monthly meetup that quickly fills up and draws over 150 engineering leaders.

A number of other CTO schools started to build informally, but until recently there was no set of resources designed to make it easier to build and grow local CTO schools. Now Ronin Labs has hired someone to focus on building the CTO community internationally by organizing and connecting CTO summits, schools and clubs around the world.