Training is Broken

Historically, we've ask our teams to trawl through StackOverflow, blogs or cookie-cutter video libraries to find learning materials. Or we've thrown people with different backgrounds, goals, skills and learning styles into the same room and expected a one size fits all approach using generic content and artificial exercises to ensure that they acquire proficiency.

The Future of Training

At Ronin Labs we deliver customizable, adaptive, project-based learning solutions with community building, spaced repitition and meaningful competence based certifications to make learning relevant, effective, social and fun.

Everyone Needs Training

The technologies and processes required to build great software are constantly changing. It's important to have a strategy for keeping your entire team up to date with best practices to ensure that they continue to deliver software quickly and cost effectively. We can provide any combination of in-person, online instructor-led and automated training.

Git &

Training for developers, and anyone who collaborates with them.

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Business Stakeholders

Learn to "speak geek", hire, and manage developers.

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Engineering Leaders

Improve your skills in building and managing tech teams.

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